Vegas: A City of Contradictions

Street artist, Chor Boogie created the above piece for Vegas’ annual ‘Life is Beautiful’ art festival. The festival produces hundreds of works that invigorate the landscape of Downtown Las Vegas, many of which live beyond festival weekend.   Las Vegas brings to mind flashy lights, decadent food, and drunken frat boys roaming the streets. However, there is a side to Vegas that many travellers to … Continue reading Vegas: A City of Contradictions

In Brief

The “In Brief” section of our blog provides you with the relevant articles and news that we have been reading.  NY Subway in Official State of Emergency Governor Andrew Cuomo has allocated $1 billion in state funds to the failing subway system.  A competition has been developed, which awards $1 million to whomever can come up with the best plan to fix the city’s failing … Continue reading In Brief