Elitist Underground is dedicated to examining the ways people occupy space. We focus on everything from street art to unofficial gathering spaces to signs, hoping to understand the context of the image through the image.

It started when we noticed a trend in clubs based around high-society social gatherings. They were made up of people who seemed to consider themselves “young elitists.”  We became disheartened by the exclusivity of clubs such as these, and decided to develop a space where social class and status did not play a role in ability to enjoy art and the social aspects surrounding it.

We felt like the spaces worth exploring could be found outside of the institutionalized places so typically heralded as beacons of cultural relevancy. Equally as stunning as marble covered museums with high price tags or “elegant” chandelier lit dining spaces are murals meant to reflect the communities in which they were made, or people posting their lawn chairs outside to watch a game of dominoes. Elitist Underground was started as a way to study these places, to examine the social rituals that often go unrecognized.