Trailer Trash?

The rural, white poor is a demographic that has come to light in recent months thanks to our most recent election. The finger of blame was pointed almost entirely at poor whites, the kind the world associates with trailer park living. While the majority of the blame should likely be placed on Trump’s true base – golf-club swinging republicans and their gated communities of god-fearing … Continue reading Trailer Trash?

Cool places replaced by shit places

A few weeks ago we talked about The Haus, a temporary street-art gallery in Berlin, being destroyed to make way for luxury apartments. And while this exhibit was meant to be temporary, it demonstrated the importance that these public art spaces provide for the communities in which they are situated. And The Haus is certainly not the only example of invaluable community spaces getting destroyed … Continue reading Cool places replaced by shit places

Neighborhood Spotlight – East Harlem

The East Side of Central Park in New York City has two notable neighborhoods: The cluster of old money wealth known simply as “The Upper East Side,” or the slightly smaller stretch just above it – “East Harlem.” East Harlem resides along the same subway line as the Upper East Side. Board the 4, 5, or 6 green line and you’ll either be taken directly … Continue reading Neighborhood Spotlight – East Harlem

The Power of Outdoor Seating

Little Italy, Manhattan, NYC. Outdoor seating. The name connotes images of khaki clad brunch goers. It’s coveted by white women in sundresses, privileged real estate for post-work happy hours. As the months grow warmer, people increasingly flock to restaurants and cafés that offer the possibility to eat outside. As though eating outside is the best possible activity one in which one could partake. And that’s … Continue reading The Power of Outdoor Seating