In Brief

The “In Brief” section of our blog provides you with the relevant articles and news that we have been reading.  NY Subway in Official State of Emergency Governor Andrew Cuomo has allocated $1 billion in state funds to the failing subway system.  A competition has been developed, which awards $1 million to whomever can come up with the best plan to fix the city’s failing … Continue reading In Brief

Relevant News Round Up (week of may 22 – May 29)

There’s a battle between residents and gallery owners in the Los Angeles neighborhood Boyle Heights. It’s somewhat widely known that the emergence of fine art galleries is a near guarantee that gentrification is occurring, but this article discusses how art spaces that have been in the neighborhood for years and years are also being targeted by anti-gentrification activists. It’s not a simplistic issue. White artists … Continue reading Relevant News Round Up (week of may 22 – May 29)