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The “In Brief” section of our blog provides you with the relevant articles and news that we have been reading. 

NYC’s Webster Hall to close for renovations
The legendary venue will be closed for an undetermined amount of time before being reopened under new management.  Webster Hall has been open for 25 years, making it the longest running nightclub in the history of New York City.  The venue’s final dance party night was Aug. 5 and its final concert was August 9.

Fundraising Site will not Support Lawsuits Against Black Lives Matter
Donna Grodner, a lawyer trying to raise money for her lawsuits against Black Lives Matter on behalf of Baton Rouge police officers was rejected by crowdfunding site, YouCaring, on July 9.  The site removed the fundraiser because it did not align with their mission statement of promoting harmony.  Grodner has filed two lawsuits that accuse Black Lives Matter and its leaders of causing the injuries of two police officers.  It says that Black Lives Matter activist has incited violence and do not try to calm the crowds.  Grodner has started a GoFundMe page called the protesters militant.

National Museum of Mexican Art Celebrates 30th with a Protest Party
Opened 30 years ago by teachers and community activists, in response to the lack of Chicano representation in Chicago.  Making the museum the only accredited Latino museum in the United States.  The exhibit, ‘Memoria Present: An Artistic Journey,’ appears festive but at a closer glance the pieces protest the current racism taking place under Trump. Thirty artists of Mexican descent and a wide age bracket have contributed to the protest-as-party. The exhibit runs through August 13.

100 Street Artists Turned Decommissioned College Dorm in Paris Into a Graffiti Gallery
As part of the Rehab 2 festival, 100 artists were given free reign to take over the empty building before planned renovations demolish the gallery forever.  Over three weeks, the artists treated the dorm as their personal playground, turning it into a vibrant, fully immersive maze of colours, images, and tags. Every stretch of wall, floor, and ceiling was adorned with murals from Mister Wire, Jérôme Laurent, JM Robert, Charlotte Coupures, Jo Di Bona, Kalouf, Emmanuel Medina, Soklak, Mister Pee, and Carlos Olmo.  The space was open to the public from June 16 to July 16 during the Rehab 2 festival. Renovation begins soon.

Oregon to Make Heroin and Coke Possession a Misdemeanor
Oregon has one of the highest rates of opioid abuse in the nation, and lawmakers in the state don’t think that making more arrests will curb the drug abuse.  In July, Oregon state legislature approved a bill, which makes possession of small amounts of heroin, meth, cocaine, acid, mushrooms, peyote, and misdemeanor as opposed to a felony for first-time users.  This move is significant in that it seeks to treat the underlying root cause of substance abuse rather than criminalize drug abusers and building more prisons.  Another part of the bill requires the police to write down detailed information about everyone that they stop, in order to compile data about racial profiling.  Oregon has a record of taking the lead in reversing the failed “war on drugs”.  The state was the first to decriminalize weed, and one of the first to legalize the drug.


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