What’s in the News: The Haus exhibit to be demolished, replaced with upscale apartments

Over 150 artists turned a disused bank into a temporary gallery for street art in a commercial district in Berlin. Graffiti and paintings were spread across five floors and in 80 rooms. The doors closed May 31, and demolition begins this month.  The exhibit offered an exhilarating personal art experience, where everything lingers in temporary purgatory. The gallery was free of charge marking another successful step towards the democratization of art.  The priceless nature of the artwork within makes the exhibit that much more important. The art cannot be sold, but has a transitory nature, which is not often seen within the art world.  Although temporary, the mural has knitted the community together by providing a joint facility for a variety of people to enjoy, while at the same time providing diversity and giving something back to the surroundings.  A city that successfully mingles diversity with everyday life has the power to boost particular areas economically, without focusing too much on the vacuity of upscale business and upscale residences.

The Haus project was created to be destroyed, making the transient aspect part of the exhibit itself.  The fact that the artists knew that their work would be destroyed is relevant in terms of proving that there is a demand for spaces in which people create for the sake of creating.  The only thing to be gained from this exhibit is notoriety and recognition.  A successful city thrives on this organic diversity; however, upscale condominiums are at odds with creativity and inhibit diversity, economically and aesthetically.  These looming and hypermodern structures in which only the wealthy can afford to live do not encourage public interaction.

Pop-up projects like The Haus are invaluable assets to the communities in which they occupy, bringing a new perspective to once blighted areas. The transient element is a prerequisite for its constant growth and renewal.  In a sense, the artists are advertising for the individual on the fray, taking the power away from the dominant mainstream entities and creating an alternative space where they can express their creativity.  Although fleeting, this sort of project inspires movements all over where people feel oppressed by tyranny in it’s various forms.  




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